Branding – A Marketing Buzzword

Most people know that building your product or service into a recognizable BRAND is the only way to stick out and be remembered in this crowded and highly populated place we call TE’s (Traffic Exchanges)…  But the only question is, do you know how to properly do it?

If you think about it the biggest brands in the world today, you might think of companies like; Apple, Microsoft, Google, McDonalds, Coca Cola, etc.

What do these brands all have in common?  Well, for starters they are all worth billions of dollars and they also spend billions of dollars on advertising EVERY year.  They have simple and effective logos.  They are seen everywhere, all the time, in many different places.  They stand out as the best in there respective markets.

This should be no different for you and your brand (be it a personal brand or company brand).  You need to get in the right mindset if you want to start actually making a substantial online income.  You’re going to need to spend money!  I guarantee you the top brands you see and know in the traffic exchanges aren’t the biggest brands because they did everything for free.  No, I’m not saying you need to go out and upgrade and buy credits at all the TEs.  I am saying you need to invest in some of the key tools to set yourself up for success (Ad Tracker, AutoResponder, Blog).  You need to promote your brand 24/7 to keep your name/logo in front of as many people as possible, at as many places as possible, as often as possible (yes that may mean you need to buy credits or upgrade in a few places).  You may need to spend some money on the design of your ads or a professional logo.  You will need some sort of funnel program, mailing list, or blog to direct your followers to where you will be able to follow up and communicate with them.  Provide content.  Become the expert in something.  ALL of these things are necessary and the faster you get in that mindset, the better off you will be.  Or you can ignore it and give up in a few months or just continue to earn your few dollars here and there never truly succeeding.

If you are trying to make big money online, don’t waste your time thinking you can do everything for free.  While it may be rewarding to collect a 555 cash prize, or you may have fun collecting CTP XP or Zubees…  these things are not designed to make you money.  While they are all awesome tools to build your downlines, affiliate commissions, and a place to meet like minded people,  you still need to focus your efforts on building your brand first.


2 thoughts on “Branding – A Marketing Buzzword

  1. Wow Eric that allot of great info you’ve put out there. You know doing the 555, collecting Zuppies and Badges while its fun, Should not be your main focus while your surfing. You should be surfing to build up credits to get your ad shown, And your ad needs to stand out. You absolutely need to spend Money!!!, I don’t know why anyone would think you can do this free you can’t there is no way around that fact. For myself I knew I was doing pretty good with my branding, I had mt Pic and Name on everything I was promoting, and I even had a few videos out there. But I wanted to take it a step further, so I got myself a blog, which is all I promote now, and just recently I got a logo

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