It’s Like Driving Without Your Seat Belt On

I’ve written a blog post like this before, but I really want to re-iterate the importance of backups!

As some of you well know, I am getting all set for a program launch on Monday June 1st… and like I always do, I am scrambling around last minute trying to get everything in place and working properly. Now with all my sites, I’ve created to cPanel automated script which I use to generate full backups on a daily basis at all my sites. Needless to say, I foolishly hit a wrong button… panicked and somehow in my attempts to undo what I did, made things 100% worse and completely wiped out about 95% of the code on the new site. First thought… no problem, I’ll just restore it from backup because of my cool PHP script that I run everyday… except I hadn’t set it up yet!!!

After my heart rate returned to normal and the combination of anger & nausea subsided, I realized again why I use the best Host in the world [Liquid Web] and was able to restore my server from a hour old image in about 10 mins. Needless to say the first thing I did after the site came back online is setup my custom backup script!

I can’t stress how important it is to backup everything you do. Even if it’s local files or files on a server… I use Dropbox to backup all my work on my local computer and I’ve setup a combination of a automated cPanel backup script and pay to have LW’s sever backup available just in case. Make sure you have a plan to recover your files or your site. Be sure to run cPanel backups often and store them in multiple locations or at least somewhere other than your server. Accidents are rare, but when they happen, I hope your seat belt is on!

One thought on “It’s Like Driving Without Your Seat Belt On

  1. Very Good Advice indeed Eric

    I have always used an offsite third party backup service as well as Cpanel and host backups, Fortunately I have only had to call on it once but that once was a blessing indeed 🙂

    Take heed and make sure backups are done regularly.
    And remember to back up your computer as well, every day, especially if you create new things daily

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