Tips to Managing Your TE

So with the 1,000’s a Traffic Exchanges active online, why are there so few that are successful AND profitable. It’s not very hard to be successful… really, but the combination of successful AND profitable are far and in between. Why is that?

For the majority of the TEs is comes down to the owner and just plain ignorance. There is of coarse the hobiest owner that try to do everything themselves with no design experience and coding skill, but most can see those TE’s are dead before they begin. Even if you spend the money to get a good design, and you spend money on a programmer to install some custom mods to make your TE stand out… YOU CAN (and most do) STILL FAIL.

Before you take the plunge and become an owner, do the things necessary to ensure your success and to ensure you will eventually be profitable and stay online longer than a year. Make sure you understand what a surf ratio REALLY means to a site, and not what you would want the ratio to be if you were a surfer. Make sure that you understand what you are giving away for credit prizes and/or bonuses and how that effects the traffic delivery. Be sure you realize that while delivering 200,000 hits a day may make your TE a successful one, you need to also realize that if you don’t have enough monthly upgraded members, or sell tons of traffic, you probably are not going to be profitable. The more activity you have, the bigger the hosting bill is. Getting the activity up can be challenging, but if you don’t have the balance of monthly income from subscriptions, you may be putting yourself out of business. If you have a lot of upgraded members and no surf activity, you now run the risk of loosing the upgrades as well. It’s a constant balancing act.

Running a successful AND profitable traffic exchange takes a lot more work and understanding than just about EVERY traffic exchange owner thought it would. Do your homework and strive to be successful AND profitable, or just don’t do it at all.

8 thoughts on “Tips to Managing Your TE

  1. Is a very interesting blog and concept. You have shown over and over how successful you are and lead by example and you are also right about this – Not everyone can be a TE Owner. Great blog post Eric. Kudos!!

  2. Eric,

    You are absolutely correct in everything you say and if as I fear Blue-Surf has failed then I believe I should run away from my TE’s as fast as possible.

    But I can’t. I am hooked and they are all I think about. You are probably right and I may never be successful but I have to try.

    Ken Damon

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