Tracking My Ads At PayItKOREward

So as many of you are well aware, I’ve launch a new training program called PayItKOREward on June 1st and it’s seen amazing result thus far. Currently in the system, 26.8% of all members are upgraded! That’s almost 3 out of every 10 members that join are seeing value and taking the upgrade. It has not even been a full week and there are already 38 people that have earned their first commission.

Now one of the things I recommend in the program is tracking your ads. Here are my results after about 4 days of advertising it. - Tracking made Simple. Tracking made Fun. 2015-06-07 06-55-49

If you haven’t joined¬†PayItKOREward yet you should!¬† While I always suggest that you build your own unique squeeze pages… if you just can’t because of one reason or another… take a look above and you can easily tell which squeeze page is performing the best.

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